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Steven J. Carrera


Steve has become one of the premier Pervious Concrete Installers in Northern California. His work career started with the Pebble Beach Fire Department, where he served as a Firefighter for 15 years and Fire Captain for the last 8. During those years Steve also developed a Concrete Contracting Business, where he honed his skills and knowledge of concrete. Along this path he ran across a product called "No Fines", Porous or what we now call Pervious concrete which caught his attention. The more he learned, he increasingly saw the writing on the wall that this product is a significant solution for those in Storm water Management field. His conviction about this grew so strong that eventually he resigned his Fire Department position and pursued pioneering Pervious Concrete pavements full time in Northern California. Today Steve brings 18 years of Concrete installation experience, to address the special considerations that must be taken to successfully install this remarkable product, which is becoming California's Storm water Management tool of choice.

Steven J. Carrera


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